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We now allow you to create and customize groups of widgets and quickly switch back and forth between them, depending on your flow-state.

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Todos in your IDE with rhyme & reason

Users have been enthusiastic about the Marquee feature for quickly jotting down todos while hunkered down over code. With a myriad of repos open, the ability to switch back and forth between workspace and global modes has proven enormously helpful in bringing order to todo list chaos.


Hoard VS Code windows like browser tabs?

VS Code is designed to elegantly handle all kinds of repos: Mono. Many. Multi. Even hybrids. Settling a discussion to determine what repo-structure is best for a project is as futile as having a room full of people agree on the world's best ice cream flavor.


When VS Code's "Open Recent" fails you

Marquee is a powerful extension 💪, that, amongst many productivity boosters, lets you customize your VS Code homescreen.


What's on your VS Code home screen?

Exploring what folks want out of their immediate editor experience, and how we can help!


Getting on top of my unsaved files in VS Code

One of the most important and unacknowledged pieces of my development workflow is the power of copy & paste. How else would I transfer code of Stack Overflow into my editor?


Lost in VS Code windows?

Capture your thoughts within and between VS Code workspaces.


Why, like Ariana, you should be grateful for your ex

Let's take a look at (ex-) development environments. (Ex-) IDEs more specifically. Ariana Grande serenades how one taught her love, one taught her patience, and one taught her pain. That'd be Vim, Xcode, and Eclipse for myself - in Miss Grande's exact order.